“What’s your greatest weakness?” — The 5 Worst Answers

Are you prepared for the dreaded “What’s your greatest weakness?” question? After all, it’s job hunting season, aka job interview time!

Other articles offer great advice on acing that question. This post doesn’t.

  1. “I guess I’d have to say Mortality.”
  2. “My upper deltoid is very under-toned. It could be stronger. Not sure how that’s relevant to [insert your professional field here], though?”
  3. “Sometimes I get Star Trek and Star Wars mixed up.”
  4. “My biggest weakness? Does carrot cake count?! hahah” (You all laugh at your joke. The laughter eventually dies down. The room becomes silent. You take a sip of water. You both stare at each other for a full 60 seconds. No one speaks. With a stern tone, you say, “Next question.”)
  5. “My greatest strength? Oh, I’m a great listener. I listen really well.”

Did I miss any? Share yours in the comments.

I write comedy things. the ha & lol. Also a founding editor of Slackjaw on Medium.

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