What if “rest” was the new status symbol? 🤔

Hassan S. Ali
1 min readDec 4, 2022

Imagine that…

You show off how much sleep you got as if it’s your new Lambo.

Your insta feed is full of posts of how well you napped.

A reel of you reading a book goes viral.

You even become a sleep influencer.

Posts about quality conversations you have with your friends/ family > posts of ppl in front of private jets

Forbes writes up a “40 under 40 resters” list

The term “rest culture” replaces “hustle culture” on LinkedIn


It sounds dystopian. And yes, privileged.

But for a recovering hustle guy, the POV shift has been so helpful to save my sanity.

The fantastic book, “Time Off” by Max Frenzel and John Fitch , made this exact case.

That instead of how busy you are, how much rest you get can almost be a vanity metric

It’s a fantastic book. One you can read while, ironically, resting.

Share your epic resting stats like they’re your new Lambo. Drop in the comments and brag about it!

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