The Third-Person Bio

It’s Kinda Weird, Right?

Hassan S. Ali is a writer in Chicago. When he’s not helping brands be funny at The Onion’s Onion Labs, he enjoys spending time wondering why people write their professional bios in the third-person.

Now, Hassan has written professional bios of himself in the third-person before. So he includes himself as part of this discussion.

But Hassan S. Ali has always found this curious.

The third-person bio pops up in About sections of blogs, on pamphlets for panel speaking events, etc. And yet, unless you’re a celebrity, these seemingly objective third-person bios are clearly written by, well, you!

Is it not rather egotistical to write about oneself in the third-person, Hassan has asked himself?

Wouldn’t it be a lot REALER if I wrote my bio as myself, instead of the charade of some third-person bio-writer somehow knowing my hobbies include cooking and watching Seinfeld?

Hassan S. Ali thinks this latter approach is a better one, and he plans on implementing it for himself going forward.

What are your thoughts?

Hassan S. Ali’s hobbies include cooking and watching Seinfeld. If you liked what he wrote, kindly click the “Heart” icon below, and share this post. You can also find Hassan on Twitter.

I write comedy things. the ha & lol. Also a founding editor of Slackjaw on Medium.

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