In my past life, I think I was a cat.

Hassan S. Ali
2 min readAug 12, 2017


I don’t like to travel.

To me, getting on a plane and traveling to a new place is what I imagine it’s like for my cat in her carrier when going to the vet. It’s full of stress. (Except maybe I don’t hiss as much.)

I like my routine. I could eat the same thing every day. My cat eats the same kibble every single day, no complaints. I can relate.

She has her “spot” on the couch where I can always find her. For me, that’s my favorite coffee shop down the street, with my favorite seat right by the window. When I’m not sleeping or at work, you can find me there.

I don’t poop in a box. So there’s one difference between us.

But still, in my past life, I think I was a cat.

She sheds a lot. My hair is thinning. (Just look at the floor of my shower!)

We both bite our nails.

We both cry out for attention. Mostly for someone to give us a gooood back scratch.

We both LOVE our sleep.

She excitedly chases after red dots that she can never quite catch. I chase after my own red dots: success, career, money, relationships. For some reason, it always feels like I’m unable to catch them. But still, I chase!

Unlike her, I’m starting to realize that you can’t actually catch all those tempting red dots. They’ll make you want to chase after them, to have great expectations for catching them, but in the end, it’s a chase that just tires you out.

I’m realizing it’s fine to chase those dots, but to have fun in doing so. And to do so mindfully, with intention. And to accept that fact that many of those “red dots” in life are going to be un-catchable. And that’s okay. At least I’ll chase after them knowing that, and have fun in the process.

Another big difference between us: I don’t lick my butt.

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