Don’t worry, she’s okay.

How to have a bad day.

  1. Involuntarily wake up at 4:15am. Your alarm is for 6:30am. Now you’re in this no-man’s-land of “want to sleep but can’t” and “awake-enough-to-function but also so excruciatingly tired.” Empathize with new parents.

Update: 3 Days Later

Everything is fine. Back still hurts, but a lot less. I can wear my socks with 80% less groaning and wincing.

I am grateful — I thank my body. Pain is a reminder not to take this body for granted. Hey, body, I love you. Thank you, and sorry if I’m ever an a-hole to you. Thanks for the constant reminder that you need rest and care and aren’t an invincible machine. I appreciate the simple gift that is being able to bend over and put on my pants or pick up something off the ground, without thinking twice. Many, many people would give anything for that simple pleasure.

I’ve thrown out all my candles.

My cat is fine. She’s purring right now and still unfazed by, well, everything.

Sure, she’s looks worse for wear. But she’s still knocking over my keys. At least now, I’m able bend over and pick ’em up without using my toes.

I write comedy things. the ha & lol. Also a founding editor of Slackjaw on Medium.

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